Greatness is Coming.

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rethinking learning spaces:
The classroom of the future

The Project Commons is an impact-driven platform that focuses on students between the ages of 14 and 17 years old. The Project Commons delivers real-world learning experiences in an innovative and collaborative youth-centered space. A platform and curriculum was crafted to foster three intensive projects within the sectors of Spatial Design, Marketing Design, and Digital Communication Design. Each project was facilitated by an industry leader to shift students into a design thinking mindset. In addition to the daily two hours of direct engagement with projects, the students received 60 minutes of instructional content geared towards the development of workforce skills, an entrepreneurial mindset, and life skills.

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scaling through student voice:
The workforce of the future

By rethinking the creation of learning spaces, The Project Commons established a democratic learning environment where students were able to freely choose how they moved within their projects. Through this atmosphere of validation,  and choice, student voice became the driving force of innovation. The efficacious-driven projects engaged students in collaborative efforts to identify, address and solve design obstacles. The results were complex, student-produced project deliverables that included: spatial design models, a program marketing strategy, and a live published podcast.